About Us

The Victorian Mower Racing Association (VicMow) is a not for profit organisation designed for lawn mower racers, by lawn mower racers. VicMow was founded in 2014 by a group of like minded people based on the core values of fun, friendship, integrity, sportsmanship and respect. Our sole focus is on providing affordable family friendly entertainment for both the competitors and the local communities, who benefit from these events.

We provide racers, their families and friends the opportunity to get involved with competitive racing that is fun, friendly and affordable, whilst helping raise valuable funds for local Community groups and organisations. We don’t race for championship points and this helps keep the spirit of affordability, fun and friendship alive, never underestimate the value of bragging rights over a mate. We aim to keep racing competitive and enjoyable for both racers and spectators, it’s no fun being out in front/behind all the time and having no one to race, nor is it fun to watch, so those racers are put in classes where they will be competitive.


For Communities and Organisations we provide an entertaining display of competitive racing like you’ve not seen before, our sport is unique or different and that is the draw card, people are never sure quite what to expect when they hear the phrase lawn mower racing, but they are never disappointed once seeing it. Whilst the sport of lawn mower racing may seem a little odd, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and are always mindful that we are not only representing VicMow but also the groups and Organisations we are fundraising for and welcome any feedback.
VicMow do not charge a fee for being present at events benefiting the Community or fundraising events.
For events that are not going back into the Local Community or a Charitable Organisation there is a donation fee charged that will go back to a Local Community Group or Charity. VicMow does not make anything for providing entertainment, we do it solely for the personal enjoyment of racing and the knowledge we are helping out Local Communities.We do require a few things to be able to run an event or to be present at your event, please contact us for further information regarding this.

For further information on how we can assist your community,school,club or organistion with fund raising, or for more information about joining VicMow please contact us at [email protected]

Photo taken at Dargo, 2016
History of VicMow

On November 1st 2014, disillusioned by the direction mower racing was going and wanting to return to the original basics of good fun and community spirit  a group of.7 people huddled together in the pouring rain and icy cold winds of the Moe bonfire night,to discuss these turn of events and what they could do to change it and so VicMow was formed.

They discussed all the things they loved about mower racing, the friendships formed, the mateship, the feeling of doing something good for the Community and just having FUN!

They took all the positives and learnt from the negatives and formed a club they could all be proud to be a part of.
They went from nothing but a set of ideals, goals and dreams and built on them and we're happy to say, achieved them and so much more!

To ensure their dream and hard work wouldn't be lost in the future, the founding members put safe guards in place and so the Constitution of the Victorian Mower Racing Association was written. The Constitution was approved by Consumer Affairs and became a legally binding document, detailing how the club is to be run, how rules can be changed and to ensure the club will stay as the founding members envisioned it .
  VicMow's Founding Members

Back row, left to right: Hank Burton,Laurie Young,
Marty Saunders, Darren White
Middle row: Joanne Condon, Amanda White,
Greg Tormey
Front row: Debra Tormey, Dianne Huggins and
Brian Huggins