Understanding Mower Racing

.VicMow is all about keeping it affordable and fun. Our rules are made with this in mind. We race solely to raise funds for the Community and to compete against our mates, (never underestimate the value of bragging rights!)
With expensive machines comes big issues and that's not what we are about.

We want to keep Mower Racing Safe and Good Cheap Family Fun.
Most other forms of motor sport have become unrestricted and racers spend a fortune on engine and chassis modifications and that puts it out of reach of many people. We are keeping mower racing as cheap as possible and stopping it from becoming cheque book racing, where the teams with the biggest budget always wins.

Ask yourself, how many other motorsports are there that the whole family can afford to participate in.The answer sadly is, not many!

Mower Construction

One of the first questions we are usually asked is, can I modify the engine and make it go faster?

Most newcomers seem to think you need the fastest and most powerful engine to win races, WRONG…You need to step back a bit and re-think the whole scenario of racing ride on mowers, because until you have driven one of these beasts, you can’t appreciate just how fast they really are.
It’s no good going fast if you can’t steer, handle or stop. All forms of motor sport are dangerous and Mower Racing is probably more so, as you don’t have the protection of a roll cage and a car body if something goes wrong at around 75kph. Please put a lot of thought and work into your mower to ensure that it’s built properly for your own safety.

It's all about keeping it as safe as possible and good clean fun, These beasts may not look that fast when you’re watching them, but they really are quick and it’s awesome fun doing around 75kph with your bum only a few inches off the dirt.

The secret to going fast is in building a good competitive machine. Learning to drive it competitively and then honing your racing skills.

Rules and Regulations

Our rules are in place for a reason, they have been carefully thought out by a group of people who have been collectively involved in the sport for over 50 yrs.

The rules are designed with safety and minimal cost as the priority, at the end of day everyone wants to go home in one piece.

The spirit of fun and friendly competition is to be maintained at ALL times. If there is any doubt or ambiguity about any aspect of these rules, or anything you are not sure of, Don’t Assume and Interpret your way. Please contact us by either email or phone for clarification

Bending or breaking of the rules is awkward for everyone involved


Lastly, in accordance with the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 and the Constitution of the Victorian Mower Racing association, VicMow reserves the right to reject any membership application and any mower that does not comply with, or they feel goes against the spirit of these rules.